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I am Pierce

6 letters, 1 syllable that people will use to define me. They take everything that they know about me and shove it into a box labeled Pierce. Now I like the name: it has a nice way of rolling off the tongue that I just feel good to say, however, I believe that the meaning behind the name could not be more contradictory to who I am. The history of my name comes from the French name Peter, which means rock or boulder. Both in the physical sense and in my personality I am nothing like a boulder. Whereas a boulder would stay still and not change, I am someone who is sickened by the thought of staying in the same place for the rest of my life. I like to adapt and change as I go. I have a wild imagination that even to this day will take me to wild places and the entire worlds that I have forged in my mind. I dream of being free and exploring the world, seeing the world through my own eyes. I want to find the secrets of the world in my own way. Unfortunately, I am only 15 as I am writing this, meaning that I do not have that freedom or the resources to explore the world as I so strongly desire. Until such time as I am able to venture into the world, I am bound to this stationary lifestyle. So while I’m here I will write about the adventures that I want to have one day. It also gives me a great opportunity to explore another great passion of mine. Performing. I have always been a very dramatic kid, not afraid to be weird and very energetic. So naturally, I ended up in the performing arts program at school. There I am free to sing and dance and act my heart out. That I one of the main reasons I joined this class, as I hope to one day write a play, and this class is all about writing it seemed like the logical next step for me. All of this stuff about me and this doesn’t even begin to describe me as a person. But to most people, I am simply the label. To almost everyone I meet, I am not an actor or a singer or an adventurer or a writer.

I am simply, Pierce.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Pierce,

    Your about me is very insightful! I learned a lot about you according to your passions, motives, and personality. Reading this piece gave me a broad idea of who you are as a person. Your relation (or not of) to a boulder is very symbolic. I have only known you since Grade 9, but I can clearly determine that you are everything but a boulder. I always see you moving, energetic, lively, and free. I hope to see an even more creative side of you through the semester.

    One suggestion I would make is to edit your work. I noticed that the last five sentences or so of your about me was worded weirdly. I had to reread it a few times to fully grasp what you were trying to say. As well, I would love to hear the meaning behind your blog title, since it sounds very ominous and exciting.

    Cindy 🙂

  2. Dear Pierce,

    I can connect to this piece, and to your feelings. Performing arts and writing are things I feel passionate about as well, and I feel that with your personality and ideas, something truly entertaining may formulate if you do attempt to write a script. Your feelings and frustrations were apparent in this, and I could see them clear as day. As a writer, it is important to feel: something I could benefit from working on myself. You already write with emotion, and that will help you immensely.

    As advice, I would suggest you focus on punctuation, as some of your sentences were slightly difficult to read.

    In all, I am excited to see what develops from your being in this course, and if you do write a play, I would love to read it.


    1. Dear Tony,

      Thank you Tony. I am dead set on writing a script before One Act in grade 12. You being a more experienced writer will have great input and I would love to run early drafts by you if you wouldn’t mind reading them. It probably will not be for while but you would be a great help in the writing process. I also hope that by the time I am finished writing it my grammar and punctuation will have improved.
      Thank you for your comment Tony. I look forward to working with you in the future.


  3. Dear Pierce,

    When I first walked into choir, I was amazed by the vibrant and enthusiastic buzz, and you are one the students that adds so much energy to our class. I am daily inspired and entertained by you and your group of friends; you guys are such amazing members! I’m also very glad you joined creative writing because from this snippet of writing, I already sense your ability and talent to write. First of all, thank you for sharing such meaningful insights; you surpassed the general details and went into depth about your individuality, interests, and personality. As a writer something that I have struggled with is developing my unique voice; however, as I was reading through your piece, your voice clearly stood out and facilitated emotion and meaning into your work. This skill is extremely difficult to master and I’m so impressed that you already have a good grasp on it! Furthermore, I loved how you ended your piece – it may be simple but it was certainly very powerful.

    For improvement, I have very little to offer as you writing is already so good!! However, one thing to keep in mind is GUMPS – punctuation, grammar, etc. I suggest that you go through and just do a proof read. But since it’s such a minute detail, it did nothing to take away from the amazingness of this piece!

    Overall, this is amazing Pierce! I’m looking forward to reading more of you writing and judging by what I just read, I have no doubts that you will succeed in writing an amazing play!


  4. Dear Pierce,

    This piece was really enjoyable to read and since I am still getting to know you I learnt somethings that I didn’t know about you before. I feel this is a really good writing piece to read if people do not know you, it just gets the point across and was really well done.

    However, I really wanted to read more about this. It was really done well but felt this should have more writing attached to the subject. I felt you held back a little bit and I thought you should have added more details on yourself because you are such an interesting person. It was still phenomenal work.

    Camdyn :))

  5. Dear Pierce,

    This about me has opened my eyes to the person that you are. I never knew that you had forged places in your mind and how your name actually means boulder. This about me was very descriptive and the style that you chose was very different (in a good way) and really suited who you are. The end part about how you are known just as a label and nothing more to many people is something I never really thought about until after reading your About Me.

    As for feedback goes, I think you should re-read what you wrote and make some sentences of yours more smooth and flowing. Also, just look out for spelling or punctuation.

    Conclusion, I think that the stories that you will write and the writing about the forged worlds will be amazing because of the person that I know you are. I can’t wait to see your description and the creativity that will be soon to come.


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